10 App Categories That Will Shape in Post COVID World

It seems like the COVID pandemic has made the world its new home. Nobody knows how long it will take everything to go back to its normal form. This is the reason why every business is going digital and making themselves prepared to fit in this new era. Although, few sectors like travel, hospital, and hotels are less likely to immediately go digital as compared to sectors like food, corporate, gaming, and ecommerce.

As mentioned, everything is becoming digital, likewise, mobile applications have made their value in people’s lives as they are not only enjoying profit and popularity, rather keeping everyone safe and secure at their homes. Following is the list of different apps that are most likely to become popular, effective, and profitable during and after the COVID pandemic situation.

Educational Apps

Although, online education is present for many years now complete digitalization took place in 2020 when COVID happened. Since then, all schools and colleges were shut down because of which online classes started and are still happening all across the world. Not only classes but exams are too conducted online. For many years, these apps were used by limited students and teachers but today, everyone has access to them. Educational apps have made learning and teaching effective. Therefore, educational apps will continue to be profitable and effective for both teachers and students during and post COVID.

Home Improvement Apps

As everyone is spending most of their time at home, people have started transforming their home interiors or investing in renovations. Homeowners are making use of renovation and home improvement apps for making their living place more valuable. According to a survey, home improvement apps like XYZ and ABC have seen a spontaneous increase in the installation of their apps. Therefore, it can be concluded that mobile applications that are providing renovation services and home décor items are going to experience tremendous success in future.

Food Delivery Apps

The online food ordering business was already experiencing a good time in the market; however, pandemics became the cherry on top of the cake for food delivery apps. Big restaurants and cafes, which were struggling to work during the pandemic, shifted to UberEATS and Zomato to deliver the food. According to a survey, the food delivery business is experiencing a tremendous increase in downloading of the apps. Instead of going out and eat, people are being careful of their health and prefer ordering food online through food delivery apps.

Social Media Apps

Social distancing is compulsory for everyone, regardless of any situation. There are no meet-ups of friends or relatives as it used to be pre-pandemic. Social media apps have made it easier and fun for people to connect with their friends, family, or anyone across the world. Due to pandemic, social media apps like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and soon have seen tremendous growth of active users. People all across the world are now engaging on social media apps more than ever. They use these apps to post, share, chat, etc. with whoever they want to. Even celebrities are seen more on social media inspiring and motivating people during the pandemic.

E-Learning Apps

People are starting to engage with e-learning apps to master a specific skill or to learn a new course. According to a survey, a lot of e-learning apps have seen an increase in the number of people enrolling for a new skill or new course to learn. These apps are gaining popularity due to low costs, great offers, and the convenience of studying from home at any time of the day. People are now making use of their time to learn a new hobby, skill, language, or a new course through e-learning apps. All the e-learning applications will continue experiencing popularity even after the COVID situation.

Entertainment Apps

To get rid of boredom, people are engaging themselves with entertainment apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, Spotify, YouTube, etc. People are enjoying spending their time on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hotstar by watching movies, web series, and documentaries. Apart from these, news apps like BBC News, CNN, etc. are also experiencing an increase in the number of downloads of their apps as people want to be aware of the latest happenings globally. Entertainment apps have gained popularity and have a wide scope in future.

Dating Apps 

Like all other apps, dating apps are also facing an increase in the number of downloads of apps like Tinder, Bumble, etc. As no one can meet face-to-face, these apps have made dating easier and more fun. Also, dating a person online is less costly and more effective in working out the relation. Unlike before, dating apps like Tinder broke a record of swiping almost a billion matches in a month. Therefore, during the lockdown, dating apps have gained popularity and will continue experiencing that.

FinTech Apps

People have started using online banking rather than going to the bank. From paying bills, managing bank accounts to investing and monitoring stock, FinTech apps have made it possible. People are well aware of technology and have shifted to use online apps to manage their money or to solve any monetary problem. Therefore, the pandemic has made everyone use banking apps on daily basis.

Grocery Apps

It is difficult to think of a situation where there is no or shortage of groceries. And during the pandemic, people find it difficult to go out and buy groceries. However, grocery apps have made everyone’s life easier as you can order the items you want and they will be delivered safely and securely to your doorstep. Grocery apps have seen a great change from being zero-in apps to one of the most important apps due to COVID.

Healthcare Apps

Everybody is concerned about their health nowadays. The Healthcare industry is enjoying popularity and profit during COVID with gyms and meditation centres being closed. This is why a lot of people are downloading fitness apps, mediation apps, medical care apps, etc. to keep their health strong and body fit. With medical care apps, patients can consult their doctor online at the ease of their homes. Also, people can now order medicines through medicine delivery apps.

From maintaining health to learning new skills online, mobile applications are gaining popularity and will continue growing. So, if you are planning to launch your own application, now is the best time.

10 App Categories That Will Shape in Post COVID World
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