15 Mobile App Development Trends of 2021


The industry of mobile app is rapidly involving the development of trending apps. Advance technology, user demands, and a broad range of other elements directly affect mobile app trends. To be up to date with new trends is possibly the most important point of success in this field. Resellers of mobile apps try to touch with the latest trends for providing better services to their customers. And the same thing implementing on producers and content writers to put their brand on a peak level with mobile development. The number of points below enough to justify the top app development trends that will command 2021.

The Internet of Things (IoT) App Integration

The IoT is just away from the latest ideas, but an increase in mobile perception around a huge range of sectors and categories has developed several chances for the Internet of Things. People have used all these technologies normally to improve their everyday life. The IoT states the connectivity of internet devices growing rapidly, and also providing comfort to their customers. Smart technologies at our home are the best example of IoT and mobile app development. Mobile apps help us in an adjustment of a thermostat, remote control, lock or unlock a door, and connect to a home security system in our daily life.

Apps for Foldable Devices

It feels like some old devices, we used in last decades but touch screen phones with one or no buttons take place of these phones. In 2019, we looked at some new foldable mobile phones launched by Samsung, Huawei, and Motorola. These smartphones help users according to their preferences, like during the time of making a call you fold it and expand it at the time of watching videos and games. Content creators and resellers need to look at the preferences of customers who are using these foldable smartphones. The thought behind all this is only that apps should fit the screen of these devices.

5G Technology

The rollout of 5G will have some major effect on app trends of 2021 like for developers, resellers, and creators. This technology composed to change the way of using apps, and for creating new apps according to 5G technologies. Because speed and productivity of using and creating apps will exceptionally upgrade. Expectations from 5G are to bring 10 times less inactivity and also help in uplifting traffic amount and network ability. In comparison with 4G, 5G will be 100 times faster, and performance depends on different mobile operators.

Development for Wearable Devices                                      

Wearable technology has been growing rapidly not only now, but also for the last many years like smartwatches, trackers, and fitness bands for a time now. But the popularity of these devices not at its peak level. Trends of wearable devices have changed and will on a way of changing due to the development of mobile apps. In 2021, more devices related to wearable devices will be going too made and customers can easily download some important apps from their wrist only.

Beacon Technology

This app has been unfolded by a huge number of industries like healthcare, and hospitality. The first Beacon app was developed in 2013, but so many major changes have been made in this. It helps in tracing customers for stores and also route their behavior in stores. Mainly beacon technology app help in vicinity marketing and it changes the behavior of users within a mobile app.

Mobile Commerce

Mobile commerce helps us in mentioning the list of app trends in 2021, and this has been controlling in 2019,2020 and will pursue to succeed in 2021. This is used in making plenty of money from large retailers to every content creators and personal brand. Mobile e-commerce performance is a top point for app resellers to display during customer slopes. We do not still stop at this point, but we are at the point where everyone needs this commerce app to hold on to the competition.

Artificial Intelligence (AL)

Both artificial intelligence and machine learning penetrated mobile app development. Siri and Alexa come to our mind when we think about artificial intelligence. Examples of AL that can be used in a mobile app conclude:

  • Image recognition
  • Face detection
  • Text and image classification
  • Speech recognition
  • Sentiment recognition and classification
  • Predictive maintenance

Mobile Wallets

We have already talked about the involvement of mobile app commerce for app development in 2021, but the way customers using all these mobile wallet apps also involve so much. Mobile wallet apps like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay are trending in the world. If we talk in small words, this market going to be doubled in the next two years. All these wallet apps must be looking for some latest changes for making them more comfortable in 2021.

Augmented Reality (AR)

This will be also one of the most trending apps in 2021. The apps using AR technology to display many kinds of hairstyles and hair colors state to their customers. For example, L’Oréal has also developed a virtual makeup app for their users using AR.


It has been using around more than a decade, and I remember my debut conversation with these bots in the late 1990s. As time passes, the importance of bots increasing day by day due to user’s demands. But thousands of apps present on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, just a very small number of apps using a chatbot. This will show some new trends in 2021.

Superior App Security

Everyone knows about increasing cybercrime, from a small content writer to a multi-billion worth company no one feels safe. Not a single app developer able to provide you a less expensive securing app. All app users know about all security risks, that’s why people think again and again before sharing any personal information and password to their developers.

Predictive Analytics

By supporting technology for AL, machine learning, data mining, and modeling, predictive analytics can predict events using data. The idea is that the experience regarding an app of two different customers will never be the same. Product suggestions and choices will be displayed differently depending on the user’s action and behavior.

On-Demand Mobile Apps

This mobile app development is also trending in 2021 like Airbnb and Uber are examples of such successful apps in this field. Customers expend $57.6 billion per year using on-demand services. Some examples of on-demand apps listed below:

  • Laundry service
  • Doctors on-demand
  • Virtual tutors and coaches
  • Food delivery
  • House cleaning
  • Maintenance services
  • Fitness on-demand
  • Pet care
  • Barber and beauty salon

 Cloud Computing Integration

Cloud is not the latest technology, and it has a huge range of probability for mobile development, which will be utilized in 2021. Cloud computing can increase the work efficiency of mobile apps and app can save data and covey out complex data in cloud storage.

Instant Apps

These types of apps were initiated a few years ago, but we all want to see an explosive rise in usage and development in 2021. Android studios give the chance to develop instant apps to their developers and increase their app discovery. But instant apps have size limitations that are why they will not be working as a proper app. If you will be thinking about developing apps for Google Play Store in 2021, then you will need an instant version.


Mobile development app is continually making changes, if you are developing apps today using data from the last 2-3 years, you will be out of the competition. If you are a reseller, then you must look at 2021 trends for mobile apps. This is how you can achieve a goal in your field.

15 Mobile App Development Trends of 2021

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