5 Web Design Trends That Unfolded in 2021

Different brands have started using soft colors in the year 2021 due to all the chaos and fear that 2020 brought along. All the businesses along with their customers had to do some modifications and create something new considering what is going to be the new normal. The same applies to web designers too.

We have seen trends in web designs changing on a timely basis, few of which are evergreen. However, if they plan to change, they will change at a decreasing rate, whereas new ones might change instantly.

Following is the list of new design trends that will unfold in 2021 that are going to cheer up all the web designers. These web designs are sensible, very easy, and simple to implement and also provide valuable suggestions on how the new normal can improve the old designs.

Let’s have a look at the websites that are already using the following new trends:

Making the Use of Soothing and Reassuring Color Palettes

To bring the attention of visitors to the website, palettes with strong and bold colors with a wide range of gradient schemes are highlighted in the new design trends. Most companies are now exhausted from the chaos of ‘new normal’ brought by 2020 because of which they are ready to shift to calmer times, along with using softer and more toned-down color palettes. The effect of toned-down colors or backgrounds is seen with the bright and vibrant colored objects. Without asking for attention from visitors, the objects beautifully stand out on the website. For example, the Applash website’s color scheme gives a vibe of calmness, without demanding attention from viewers to visit the website.

Blend Physical and Digital Imagery Effortlessly

A lot of new workers who got stuck at their homes in 2020, did not have much to do. But they did a great job by following the new trend of blending physical images with digital images, therefore, turning their physical lives into the digital world. For example, Constance burke’s fashion company started blending graphics and special features with real-world images. In simple words, they blended images of real models into hand-drawn sketches of the actual products. Another example is of LMN company that blends the real with the digital but in a very different approach. The snow in the home section blends into a digital image while going on to the next page and then again it turns back to a normal image.

Create more Friendly, Efficient, and Fun Online Shopping Experiences

There was resonance seen in online shopping in 2020, a trend that is most likely to get advanced and prosper. Due to the pandemic situation in 2020, there was a lockdown worldwide because of which no one could go out shopping. Therefore, everyone started ordering products from online websites making a tremendous increase in the use of these websites. People started spending more time than before on online websites for shopping. So, the eCommerce websites had to make online shopping more friendly, efficient, and fun for the customers. When customers are in the process of buying something, they want to complete the process as fast as possible. If any customer is finding difficulty in finding a suitable product or is not sure about what exactly to buy, they will require some assistance or advice in making the comparison between the products and finally selecting the product. EFG is the best example of providing a product page design that customers in 2021 would love to see. Likewise, HIJ company has designed their page in a way where below the checking out option, a description of the product is mentioned. Customers can read about the product before making the final decision of purchasing. Ecommerce websites are now making the experience of online shopping efficient and satisfactory for the customers in 2021.

 Highlight User-Controlled Video Content

There was a time when videos on websites were a thing. It is still a very significant tool in providing knowledgeable content to customers. But now people have started avoiding spending time watching videos. The videos are only seen by those customers who genuinely feel the importance of watching them, otherwise, everyone ignores it. Hence, videos that users need to tap on to view and automated videos are becoming unpopular day by day. The issue can be solved through a survey where customers are asked if they like informative videos or not, based on which company can include the video content on their websites. There is a company by the name of QPR that designed a button of ‘watch video’ on their website to give an option to the viewers in which they are not forced to watch the video. This is a good way to deal with the issue and customers will also appreciate giving them the choice.

Invest more Time in Showing Off Trust Builders

Trust builders are believed to be the most essential part of web designing, however, finding the right ones can be a daunting task. Following are some of the trust-building approaches that most web designers are familiar with and can use as many as per their requirement:

  • Data visualization – graphs, charts, and diagrams.
  • Logos of clients, partners, or media.
  • Reviews and ratings from the clients and customers.
  • Case studies.
  • Security seals – TRUSTe, PayPal Checkout, etc.
  • Proof of involvement of society and environment.

Based on these trust-building approaches, customers will either stay and become a valued customers or they will simply back out from the website. So, it is very important to know what kind of trust builders will be beneficial for your website. Company RST uses data visualization and reviews as trust builders for their website. It doesn’t matter how small or big your company is, there is always some space for an extra trust builder. So, incorporate as many trust builders in your website as you can to attract more audience.

As mentioned before, some of the trends will be evergreen whereas others will evolve depending upon the external activities. Changes in the external environment can not only evolve the existing trends but also bring in new trends as discussed above. So, get started with the new design trends to raise your website’s standards in 2021.

5 Web Design Trends That Unfolded in 2021
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