Essential Resources for Front-End Developers in 2021

Creation, designing, and maintenance of WebPages and mobile applications with the help of several programs and software is known as web development. Although web designing and web development are two different things yet, they are inter-connected to each other. How a website functions and what should be its structure is taken care of by a web developer whereas, a web designer’s role is to work on the appearance of the website along with providing a smooth user experience.

Likewise, front-end developers are experts in languages applicable in web development like CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. They usually have expertise in software and computer engineering or computer programming. However, there are innumerable self-taught front-end developers who gained success in their careers and became experts in the field of web development with the help of useful resources available over the internet.

If you are wondering how you can be a successful front-end developer, then you must be passionate about developing web pages and have a good taste in designs. You must be willing to learn throughout your career as in the development field, everything is dynamic. Hence, you must keep yourself aware of all the latest trends in programming languages and practices.

Therefore, there are numerous essential resources and tools available for front-end developers that will certainly help them in their web development careers.

Front-End Developer Handbook 2019 – an effective learning platform for budding web designers that helps them learn how to use modern CSS techniques in creating an engaging website design.

W3Schools – it is the largest resource that helps in learning web development online. It includes hundreds of tutorials and courses to learn the building of a web page. The plus point is, no registration is required to begin the course.

Girl Develop It San Francisco – it includes a variety of teaching materials that helps in easy understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

HTML and CSS Handbook – it builds the foundation of web designing and web development by teaching the basics of HTML and CSS.

Simple Programmer – this helps IT professionals, software programmers, and developers who have just begin their career in the web development field with all the knowledge they need to gain.

Google Cloud Platform – it is extensive object storage for web developers by using which they can deploy Google’s data analytics to obtain high-quality results.

Amazon Web Services – various services offered by Amazon web services are web computing, database access, messaging, and storage. Front-end developers can create their accounts in AWS Cloud to access its services as per their IT requirements.

Microsoft Azure – Microsoft Azure is a dynamic platform that provides new services with new features depending upon the individual needs of developers. In terms of web development, it offers services like hosting, database, metrics, etc.

IBM Cloud – technological experiences like web and mobile applications can be built in all kinds of businesses in IBM Cloud. Its purpose is to fill up the cloud with data to solve real problems so that it increases the value of the application or overall business.

HTML – it cannot create an effective functionality. Yet, it is the main part of a website. It creates and tells the browser about the webpage and what it has. A front-end developer must learn how to develop the structure of a website. It helps them to understand how a website functions with the help of which they can create effective and efficient web designs for the users.

Bootstrap – it is a web development framework known to be widely utilized internationally. Almost all the websites have bootstrap in their source codes. Bootstrap is in its growing stage i.e., an updated version known as Bootstrap 4 is soon to be launched.

CSS – also known as a cascading style sheet, is very essential for front-end developers. By using CSS, front-end developers can create beautiful and creative websites as it permits them to use every web element such as colors, fonts, layouts along with allowing them to use effects in the images they want to use. CSS thus helps front-end developers by ensuring they make the right use of designs in the creation of websites.

Animate.css – this library includes around 77 animations that were created in CSS as ready to use. It provides easy scrolling effects for elements like text and more. Therefore, with the help of animate.css, front-end developers can easily create animations as per their needs.

CSS Effects – it is a group of practical CSS animations that teaches front-end developers that there is no necessity of building their CSS as there is plenty of open-source CSS available for use to create their web designs.

JavaScript – it is a programming language that helps in increasing the interactivity and dynamism of web pages. JavaScript is well known as a part of the three native web languages i.e., HTML and CSS.

ReactJS – React is an open-source library used to develop user interface elements. It is specially used by front-end JavaScript. The elements it includes are on-screen menus, search bars, buttons, icons, and all kinds of other elements with which a user can come in contact. Front-end developers must be familiar with JavaScript to be able to code with ReactJS.

Next.js – it is known as another react framework using which a single-page JavaScript application is developed. Front-end developers can learn how to provide react applications on the server. Further, it also teaches front-end developers how they can optimize their web pages and SEO performances.

Icons – people are unfamiliar with the things that happen behind building a website. Small icons are one of those things. Icons help the user interface to be easily accessible to everyone.

Font Awesome – Front-end developers can have all the versions of icons they need in the Font Awesome. You just have to copy and paste the code provided by Font Awesome to integrate the required icons.

Coolers – you can use the colors chosen randomly by coolers for your web projects. For example, if you are building a website from the beginning and have zero knowledge about how to use the palette, then coolers are the ultimate solution for you.

Therefore, with the right resources, you can create anything beautifully. Consider these essential resources to build up your web development career as a front-end developer.

Essential Resources for Front-End Developers in 2021
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