Higher Bounce Rate? Nine Reasons Why It Misguides Your ROI Efforts


The well-known American businessman and industrialist named Sam Walton stated that the only one boss is the customer. This sentence implies that the one thing that assists the business set as a cutting edge among its challengers is the quality of experience of customer. Thus, almost, all the companies existed in digital generation focus on achieving customer engagement. However, what are the circumstances when customers ruined your aspirations and bounced back from halfway?

In Google Analytics, the single-page session, at which the landing page is visited by users, is known as Bounce. However, the users are allowed to exit without any activation of next request to the Analytic server. The bounce rate is termed as the ratio of a number of single-page sessions to the number of total sessions on the website. To illustrate, in case, you have a substantial number of visits to your blog, but you do not have a single visitor click on CTA, at that time, visitors have bounced back from the page without any conversion of visit into qualified sales leads. When an enormous amount of money is invested in a campaign which has a fine number of visits but has not any sale is of no value and it leads to raise the alarm to take relevant action. Therefore, it becomes easy to achieve your ambition of higher Rate of Investment (ROI) in digital marketing by understanding the concept of Bounce rate comprehensively.

Is Bounce Rate always considered bad or not?

On the basis of Google, the Bounce rate is the ratio of sessions that leads to bouncing back of visitors. The Bounce rate is also termed as the ratio of the audience who have read or visited the website without responding CTA.

Bounce Rate = Visits of single / Total Visits

Bounce rate is very imperative parameter which assists the business in recognizing the inefficiency of website content to attain the attention of visitors. This rate is depending upon the myriad number of factors, some of which are discussed as:

It relies on plentiful factors, some of which include:

  • Traffic’s Source
  • Nature of page visitors are landing on
  • Kind of traffic
  • Design and formation of the website
  • Speed of usability

Fact: There is a particular rule of thumb that aid in determining the degree of bounce rate due to which Rate of Investment is affected. This implies that a bounce rate that is comes between 26% – 40% is considered good. The average bounce rate is lying between 41% – 55%, bounce rate between 56% – 70% is a reason of concern and rate more than 70% is quite poor to attain dealing of websites in sales.

A high bounce rate is an alarming sign for the website which indicates the quality of their content isn’t fine and devoid of the imperative aspects to stand inimitably at search engines. This condition is absolute for the website that focuses on acquiring substantial views on more than one page and expecting unexpected sales. However, a higher bounce rate is not considered bad for the blogs, news sites, events, and websites with a single page. This implies that audience is contented with the content.

Nonetheless, various websites or businesses are in association with sales and concentrated on converting visitors into qualified sales leads for higher Rate of Investment (ROI) due to which a high bounce rate is disturbed and there is a necessity of enhancement of in-depth monitoring through relevant action.

Nine Reasons Why Bounce Rate Misguides ROI Efforts

The facts which are mentioned above stated that a high bounce rate is played a role of a tentative block in the success of the business. Various reasons are there because of which the visitor visits your site but leave it instead of moving to next page or click on Call to Action. Therefore, your efforts of Rate of Investment remain unproductive. These reasons are discussed as:

Slow Page Loading Speed

An ideal website should take only a few seconds for its loading. The surveys indicate that, many end up by discarding the site in case it takes more than three or four seconds for loading. Actually, a one-second delay leads to an increase in probability of bounce rate and a dropping in conversion. According to BBC, the outstanding public service broadcasters, it itself loses additional 10% of users when it delay in loading.

There are some factors due to which the speed of your page is halted such as usage of the cheapest hosting, usage of several or oversized images, insertion of custom fonts and bounteous Javascript effects. All of these things will result in your website working on its last legs, and regrettably, a considerable amount of visitors is lost.

Several Popup and Disruptive Advertising

Certainly, to display advertising frequently assists in the enlargement of business. However, a number of popups or intrusive advertising on the landing page lead to cause hackles of anyone. Often, pop ups shown on your page has consisted of non-friendly language which visitors unable to find appropriate and thus, leave the site. This reason exasperate the reader as well as it finish up in desertion the value of content and loss of status of the website in the view point of audience. Therefore, it must bear in mind that there is not any necessity of extra pop ups, only imperative details must be added to the page on a pedestal.

Misleading Title Tag or Meta Description

The Meta description and title tag provide information about the content to the guests. These both together act as the summary of the content. Although they can’t affect directly affect the page ranking. A high-quality Meta description may lead to the desired CTR. On the contrary, an improper synopsis of the Meta description and title tag may mislead the readers about the content which can reflect in them if they find no significance.

Poor or Regular Content

The CEO of Marketing Insider Group, Michael Brenner, once said, “Content marketing indicates the gap between the actual need of the client and products that brands make”. The efficient and better-optimized content helps a company to put its site in the top position in the search engines and at the same time increase client engagement. However, a simple, duplicate or uninteresting content unable to address users’ requirements makes visitors more likely to return from the landing page. In the enlightening second option, when the content is incredible but can’t meet the expectations of Google algorithms; it turns out to be very troublesome for the audience to find the company’s website or page.

Absenteeism of Call to Action

Different signposts like ‘Shop, Buy, Sign up, ‘Try now, ‘Subscribe, Start, on the web page enable customers to land on the next stage without surprise and stroll. Generally, almost all visitors read both the headline as well as the CTA. Therefore, its significance in promoting ROI can be described without must effort.

The call-to-action refers to a mini knowledge case, which directs the audience on scratching their head thinking – what lies ahead and contributes significantly to retain the visitor on a website. If your page does not include a good CTA, visitors can struggle to land on the next stage, which eventually bounces back from the page. Therefore, don’t think much while adding it.

Pointing at Incorrect Traffic

Envision you are dealing with sporty shoes for men, however rather than focusing on athletes and sportspersons, your marketing perspectives incorporate men from all classes! There is no doubt that it will drive a lot of traffic, yet false traffic, which can certainly result in an adaptation. Even according to HubSpot, targeting the audience is probably the most ideal approach that permits promoters to pull more interest. Therefore, not focusing on the correct audience is one of the key reasons, due to which visitors soon lose interest in your page, which robotically increases the bounce rate.

Requesting a Mass of Information to Visitors

A website’s Landing page is a one-stop platform of information for the audience, which helps users discovering and developing an interest in it. However, in a position to concentrate on this, if the page is loaded up with such a large number of questions getting some information about their subtleties, it might drive them up the divider. Also, in occasions where your landing pages request data like their credit card number and family subtleties, there is a chance that clients think you a scammer and quit from the website.

Landing Page is unfriendly to Mobile Phones

Google once itself has disclosed that 48% of mobile users visiting the page who are also unfriendly to mobile believe that the business does not pay heed to its founding. This means that you will ultimately lose a great number of visitors when the structure of your website is not apt for mobile phones. Apart from this, an unoptimized landing page inapt for mobile phones does not load faster, as a result of which visitors find it better to leave the site rather than waiting.

Low-quality Layout Of Landing Page

Alongside content, the remarkable design of your landing page is the main aspect that captivates the guests to remain for more and quest for your business.  A site with a low-quality format, fewer visuals, inappropriate graphics, and a normal design won’t overwhelm anyone. It is not that the appealing design of the page definitely prompts definite conversion, however, the contrary will without a doubt force guests to quit your website.

Buck Up to Bring Down Bounce Rate

In fact, a high bounce rate is a matter of concern in order to attain an extensive Rate of Investment (ROI), still there are numerous ways, whose exploration may reduce the challenges. All the landing page etiquettes must have to be taken into consideration for avoiding the instance of visitors who will leave your site without clicking on Call to Attention button. Furthermore, to determine the abovementioned loopholes on your site, assist you in organizing a suitable action strategy for tackling the issue.

If you are still anxious regarding the higher bounce rate on your site, APPLASH Solutions fork out services to aid you in recognizing and dealing with the issues for which the website audit is conducted. Get in touch with us to attain the attention of people and stay them at your page and keep you at the top.

Higher Bounce Rate? Nine Reasons Why It Misguides Your ROI Efforts

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