Latest Visual Content Marketing Trends for 2021

Presently, visual content marketing trends have been improving various businesses content techniques. How? Well, marketing is dynamic in nature i.e., it keeps evolving over time. Marketing you knew a couple of years back has changed in present time. The COVID pandemic affected the entire world in every manner, yet content marketing kept moving towards enhancing the content techniques. Psychological health has been affected due to the quarantine and social distancing measures that are taken for public health safety. Thus, we prefer, visualize, or purchase from brands. In simple words, presently people –

  • Want an effective interaction with the brands unlike, earlier.
  • Choose small and sustainable-oriented brands.
  • Focus on brand loyalty towards customers and ethics.

Therefore, the changing trends have influenced visual content marketing to a great extent. But the question is how? Visual content has developed an authentic and strong relationship between the brands and their customers. According to a study, 70 percent of the people believe in building trust with the brand at present time. Brands have earned a golden opportunity because of video content as it helps them have a direct connection with their target audience. It is similar to having a face-to-face interaction. In the era of social distancing, video content bridges the gap between customers and brands. Due to this reason, the majority of brands prioritize video content considering pandemics. You will find a list of the latest visual content marketing trends below that you must know about.

Original Content Increases Audience Engagement 

People want to interact with the brands i.e., they want to know who is working for the brand. This could be –

  • The CEO of the brand talking about the goals, mission, and vision of the brand.
  • The team of customer experience to help people know who they have been talking to.
  • Blog posts in which manufacturers are shown manufacturing the products and not only the products.

Be consistent in making use of Instagram reels, stories, or even video shorts to make your brand noticed by people. People are more focused on wanting to see the reality instead of fancy photoshoots of models and products. So, rather than focusing on sales pitches to bring the light to your brand, aim at building a direct connection with your target audience on a more personal level. Be open about your ideas with your audience.

Convert your Written Content into Visual Graphics

According to a study, humans process video content faster than the written content. Therefore, by shifting from text-oriented content to visual graphics will add to your brand’s overall success. Important information is easily passed on to the customers through visual content than written content. Thus, you can increase the number of people visiting your website by increasing the engagement rate through various types of content that consist of visual graphics more than the written content.

Shape up Your Tradition Branded Visuals for Google Images 

You can have a strong brand authority within your niche along with an open door to direct links and citation by building up your own data and designing visuals. When all the images are uploaded with a proper alt tag, google indexes those graphics in search and images. The images will be directly linked to you whenever they are used by a publisher. Your content can be shown in google images if optimized properly. This will also help you improve your ranking in the search engine.

Livestream Video Content 

As discussed earlier, people are more focused on seeing real content rather than fancy and made-up stuff. They are more authentic-focused than fantasizing unreal content. People feel more closed to the brand through live stream video content as everything happens in real-time. This helps people to connect with the brand in a much better way. They can interact with the people hosting the live event through comments, making an increase in the brand’s engagement. Therefore, we can conclude that live videos help in doubling the brand’s engagement.

Shoppable Video Content

Purchasing products or availing services online through social media used to be a fresh concept, however, it is becoming quite common now. A study shows that almost 20 percent of people using Facebook purchased products directly from the platform. Social media platforms provide business tools such as product tags, buying stickers, etc. which made brands more creative and now they provide direct links to the people to shop from blog posts, lookbooks, etc.

Temporary Content

Temporary content is also known as ephemeral content refers to the content with a short-term access of 24 hours. The content automatically disappears after 24 hours. For example, video or written content uploaded on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat stories are ephemeral content. It is best for user-generated content as people will not be able to view it forever. A study showed that around 60 percent of people were interested in buying a product or in the brand in general through stories. SO, the essence of temporary exists especially, when a purchase can be made.

 Use of GIFs and Animations

GIFs and animations are well-known visual content and are likely to be popular in the near future. These types of visual content have various usage such as they can be used in a step-by-step post, making a boring image attractive and enhancing the creativity of your content. You can have GIFs and animations about everything. You can also customize your own GIFs and animations according to your brand or a specific product. Thus, enhance the overall creativity and look of your visual content by using interesting and eye-catchy GIFs and animations.

Unlike earlier, video or visual content has changed people’s perspectives about a brand. The way people used to see or interact with a brand has completely change in the present time. A modern-day customer will look at the brand’s authenticity, trustworthiness, engagement, and loyalty. And, brands have made it possible by marketing through visual content on all platforms. Therefore, by meeting the expectations and fulfilling the customers’ needs, brands have come a long way during the pandemic. Brands that are using visual content for marketing are more likely to succeed even after the COVID pandemic.

Latest Visual Content Marketing Trends for 2021
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