The 8 Best PPC Ad Networks

The 8 Best PPC Ad Networks

Which PPC ad is good or bad for your business marketing? No two ad platforms are the same like each other, so choosing where to invest your hard earn money in advertising relies upon so many conditions like:

  • Platform user base.
  • Volume for ad serving.
  • Creative opportunities.
  • Advertiser budget.

This permits the advertiser to obtain massive reach to potential customers across audiences and their online behavior. So now it’s time to select the best PPC ad platform for spreading your business around the world. And how your business will benefit from different PPX platforms, and in this topic you will learn more about the following PPC ad networks:

  • Google ads.
  • Microsoft ads.
  • Youtube.
  • Facebook.
  • Instagram.
  • LinkedIn.
  • Twitter.
  • Pinterest.

Google Ads

This is the most famous ad network due to the available reach of ads in the number of searches done in the Google search engine and the bulk of websites on the Google Display Network (GDN). Uncountable searches take play during day hours through Google’s search engine. Google defines, “Google ads display ads show on over two million websites and in over 650,000 applications, so your ad can display up wherever your audience is”. Concentrating on the display network covers remarketing, in-market audiences, similar audiences. Both search and display movements allow statistics aiming at age, gender, parental status, and household income. Adding in demographic targeting decreases the available reach for ads, but shapes the targeting more suitable.

Microsoft Ads

The Microsoft Search Network looks at 12.2 billion PC searches per month. Microsoft ads have techniques for advertisers to import strategies from Google ads, make easy the process of getting started. Microsoft has the plus point of newly serving Yahoo search traffic, powering various digital assistant voice searches, and the capability to reach searches with LinkedIn profile data such as company, job purpose, and industry. According to Microsoft; “Outside of LinkedIn itself, Microsoft Advertising is the only digital advertising platform to offer LinkedIn Profile Targeting”. Search engines, Microsoft Audience Network, which covers local content placements on MSN,, the Edge browser, and choose quality partner sites. LinkedIn offers text ads, dynamic search ads, and shopping operations.


Youtube holds on over 2 billion logged-in customers per month worldwide, so it’s a great chance for advertisers to reach their audience through this platform usefully. Campaign creation and management are handled through the Google ads platform with more deeply information about the audience’s statistics and engagement through Youtube Annalistic in the Youtube account. You can use skippable in- streams ads, non-skippable in-stream ads, bumper ads, video finding ads, masthead ads. Advertisers can find potential users with the same targeting accessible for the Google Display Network.


As the top social network on the earth, 2.6 billion customers use Facebook every month. Customer targeting can be very gritty with statistics, interests, behavior, and a few more. Facebook helps to retarget via user activity on Facebook and off Facebook works through advertisers’ Facebook pixel data and upload of customer lists. Video, single image, carousel, slideshow, canvas all are the ad formats for Facebook. User network on mobile pillars a different kind of videos and display formats such as native, interstitial, rewarded, and in-stream video.


Instagram has crossed more than 1 billion active users who tend to be younger than Facebook users. As an agency of Facebook, campaign creation and management is controlled through the Facebook ads platform. While Facebook recommends using automotive placements and targeting all placements in a single campaign, this can simply be adjusted to any placement the advertiser would like. Feeds and stories of Instagram can be attached with any Facebook placements. And single image, video, carousel ad, collection, are the Instagram ad formats. The Instagram user seems lower than Facebook and has a bit less popularity.


At present LinkedIn is owned by Microsoft, as it’s a wealth of information and audiences for advertisers to target for the professional set. Because a large number of audiences are connected to LinkedIn for their daily life fulfillment, approximately more than 500 million experts are on LinkedIn. Most importantly they can all be targeted by expert standards, for example, job title, seniority, company, and many more. LinkedIn user network contains tens of thousands of mobile sites, mobile apps, and ad exchanges. Mobile is also used to display ads in the LinkedIn app and LinkedIn audience network. And the formats of publishing ads on LinkedIn are text/image ads, native ads, and app. CPC model constructed on the competition and ad applicability, CPM, and cost per send (CPS). One strategy that obtains results on LinkedIn is providing important points, whitepapers, or other content related to the user’s industry.


Twitter provides various options to find users through the platform used by 330 million active users each month. Far from many other platforms, Twitter ads are completely contained on Twitter, with other network partners for ads. Promoted tweets are approximately one of the most flexible ad structures because they can add any combinations of text and other media that observe the overall policies. The Twitter app is used on mobile for posting ads in the feed. And the format of ads based on promoted tweets like texts, images, GIFS, videos, promoted accounts, promoted trends. Promoted tweets and promoted accounts are CPC work for Twitter; promoted trends are managed through a Twitter sale representative. Advertising on Twitter should go hand-in-hand with having a solid Twitter engagement plan. While promoting an account can help in providing new followers, robust tweet content will surrender the best outcomes.


It has 200 million active users every month who are tap for finding trends, ideas, products, and many of them are also looking to purchase. The users skew the maximum number of women at 7%, with 40% collecting $100,000 household income. This app is also used in ads in the feed, and it adds formats promoted pins, one-tap promoted pins, promoted video pins, cinematic pins, promoted app pins. Search inquiries on Pinterest are more basic than on Google, for example, research keywords before you start posting. A robust Pinterest presence will make better outcomes as shares and saves on the Pinterest stick.

The 8 Best PPC Ad Networks

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