Track Your Way to Success with 11 Top Ecommerce SEO KPIs

A lot of signs can tell you whether you are on the right path to achieve your sales goals or not. In this blog, you will come to know about 11 KPIs that will help you trace your success of ecommerce SEO. Enhancing your ecommerce website can be tough. It is a lengthy process that takes a lot of time to reach to the goals. However, keeping a track of key performance indicators i.e., KPIs will help you to know where you stand on the road to achieving success and what changes you should make.

Following is a list of SEO KPIs that are useful for eCommerce websites:

Organic Revenue and Transactions

Revenue is the first and foremost KPI to track the SEO efforts of your eCommerce website. Revenue refers to the money that is earned through sales. You may be interested to know how much revenue is required for the overall success of your SEO efforts. KPI can be tracked through various tools but the best of all is Google Analytics. You can also compare your success with other marketing strategies. However, where the main goal of the SEO campaign is to increase revenue, the next goal should be to increase the transactions assigned to organic traffic. Remember, transactions and revenue are not related to each other. But still, transactions are an important element of marketing strategy.

Assisted Organic Conversions

In Google Analytics, there is not any attribution setting to get an overview of how many conversions are done by traffic source. For example, in marketing, it takes more than one visit to get one conversion. But, fortunately, in google analytics, you have the access to assisted conversions under ‘conversions.’ You will get a better overview of total conversions that organic traffic has touched along with how much effective are your SEO efforts. You can also view the revenue earned by all assisted conversions on this.

Conversion Rate

Indicators of on-page SEO success are called conversion rates. If the checkout flow is good, better on-site experience for the users, etc. then it means conversion rates are higher. When you will compare the conversion rates with other marketing channels like if the rates are on par, higher, or lower, the information you will obtain can help you set some standards for the KPI moving ahead along with improvements to keep walking on the right path for success.

Organic User Lifetime Value

There is a difference between driving traffic to your website with the help of your SEO efforts and driving ‘valuable’ traffic with the help of search improvement. Google Analytics has proven to be valuable over a lifetime in tracking beta which is why it is the most preferred tool to track KPIs. This value is divided by channels by default so that it becomes easy to know the value of organic search users. Organic user’s higher lifetime can be traced back to classifying more keywords that are relevant along with a better on-site experience for users. You can differentiate the lifetime value of organic traffic from other marketing channels to know how they stack up.

Number of Non-Branded Keywords

Keeping a track of keywords is the second characteristic for SEO experts, but we have to be talented in knowing the difference between branded keywords and non-branded keywords. It is important in eCommerce as the keywords are ranked based on the products or problems that the products solve. For this, you can make use of keyword tracking tools such as Google Analytics’ Search Console integration. To filter out branded keywords, you can use advanced search filters.

Keyword Ranking Increases or Decreases

Positions of your target keywords are another famous way while working on SEO campaigns. There are words for which you want to increase and decrease the rankings. Therefore, both should be carefully tracked. Remember to keep in mind the standards before beginning to work on an SEO campaign. This will help you to know where were you and what having you achieved.

Click-Through Rate

CTR or click-through rate is the most debated ranking factor in SEO. It doesn’t matter if it is a direct ranking factor or not, it still holds a lot of significance. However, more sales are possible if you will drive more traffic to your website by increasing the click-through rate. Click-through rate can be easily tracked on the landing page or keyword or both.

Organic New Users

There is always excited when we get new users to our website. Gaining new customers is always a golden opportunity. So, it is very important to know how many users are derived through SEO efforts. Tracking the new number of users and increasing them on a timely basis is a must, however, knowing how many users are interacting with the website is important. In this way, you can keep a check whether the right audience from the search results were attracted after you made the improvements.

Free Listings Order from Google Merchant Centre

Through Google Merchant Centre, you can track some of the important KPIs. You can not only purchase shopping ads but also have free access to promote your products organically. You can also know the total number of orders received via Google Merchant Centre. You can make use of the total number of sales, to get a better picture of your listing SEO.

Core Web Vitals

With the help of core web vitals, we can directly measure the page experience and is one of the ranking factors. Pages that take time to load or are slow are the difference between generating money and losing a user. The key measurements of core web vitals are as follows:

  • Largest Contentful Paint that measures the performance of ‘loading’.
  • First Input Delay that measures user’s interaction level.
  • Cumulative Layout Shift that measures visual stability to provide a good experience to the users.

Return on Investment

The investment of efforts and time of yours, every person of a team, prices of collateral, tools, cost of goods sold, etc. must be calculated in total investment. After calculating total investment, divide it by your revenue to find out true ROI.

Therefore, tracking KPIs to achieve goals will help you in knowing where is your SEO strategy going, so, set a standard and start tracking.

Track Your Way to Success with 11 Top Ecommerce SEO KPIs
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