Trending Tools for Web Designers in July 2021

Behind every perfect website are the tools used to create it. Tools and resources help the web designers in creating something exciting that can draw the user’s attention towards the website. You will find a lot of tools for web designing these days, however, the dynamic nature of the digital world demands the latest tools that can help create an excellent website.

We have piled up some of the best and trending tools for web designers and web developers to use to fasten the development process. Let us have a look at what July 2021 has in store for web designers.


It is a service through which web designers can learn, practice, and enhance their skills of HTML and CSS by using real and creative templates. Web designers have a great advantage of using codewell as they get a chance to work on real templates where they can see the outcomes of their actions and how they can improve. Codewell has both- free and paid options to use templates. Web designers will have a learning environment with the access to free and paid plans but, to start with it they will need to login into Github first.


MMM is a website builder tool in alpha that helps web designers to create websites in a simpler way. Its functionality is similar to creating a digital collage. Web designers can create their own custom URL and the best feature of MMM is that it operates everywhere. Regardless of which screen you are working on, all the pages are responsive. Also, MMM encourages web designers even if they are making a messy or imperfect website design. Therefore, it is a very good tool for the web designers to practice web designing in a fun way.

Mobile Palette Generator

With the help of a mobile palette generator tool, web designers can create beautiful and aesthetic hues for designing mobile projects. This color picking tool shows all the adjustments of the main, secondary and accent colors so that web designers can adjust them as per their requirements.


LightGallery is an image and video lightbox gallery plugin that is built with the latest technologies to attain high-quality and excellent performance. All latest browsers for example – IE 10 are supported by LightGallery. LightGallery is created with a modular architecture that helps web designers to create their modules in a simpler way and remove the ones which they do not wish to use. It also supports different settings for mobile devices and desktops for further optimization. Web designers will have the access to various customization options such as customizing plugins without changing the main code. Also, web designers can customize the gallery’s overall look after upgrading SASS variables.


LoomSDK is a speedy, reliable, and seamless video messaging tool specially created for web designers. Web designers ad developers get access to various tools to build a beautiful and creative video messaging experience for the people. There are millions of people from startups to prospering businesses that depend upon LoomSDK to interact with video messages on daily basis. LoomSDK is known for the simplest way to create a video messaging experience. Web designers just have to use a handful of codes to carry out video messaging within a day. Therefore, LoomSDK provides web designers the fastest editing and sharing experience without any uploads or downloads from an outside source and is trusted by over 10 million users from all across the world.


Khroma is a beta tool that uses artificial intelligence to pick out colors you like and wish to use to create beautiful palettes for the project you want it for. It will automatically come up with colors of your choice through artificial intelligence and block the rest. Khroma is widely known for creating limitless color combos by learning from various human-made palettes. You can see them as a palette, typography, gradient, or custom image. If you want a specific color, you can use Khroma’s search and make the color adjustments by adjusting the hue, hex, RGB values, and tint. Therefore, web designers can create beautiful and aesthetic color combos to use in designing a website.


Iconoir is one of the largest open-source libraries that have more than 900 SVG icons for web designers and web developers to use in building a website or a project. Web designers will have a free access to all the icons that means there are no premium icons to be paid for. Neither do they have to sign up anywhere to use the icons or subscribe to any kind of newsletters. The process is pretty simple. All icons are divided into different categories. Go to the category based on the requirement and click on the icons that you want to use in your designing project. The icons will get downloaded on your desktop. Therefore, iconoir is a very simple and easy tool among all to use by the web designers.

Boring Avatars

On a website, the user gets an option to register themselves as an individual or a business where they have to upload their profile image. Most of the websites have built-in avatars out of which users can select the one they like. Boring avatars is a tool with a cool collection of semi-customizable avatars but without faces, thus, the name – boring avatars. Web designers can make use of this tool to create fun avatars for websites to be used by users on their respective profiles.

Venus Design System

Venus design system is a design tool, with the help of web designers can speedup up their designing process by using over 2000 components. All these components come in a premium user-interface kit but, web designers can get a demo before actually buying any of the components. It contains a wide variety of icons, global colors, and typography styles with which web designers can easily customize various components.

Hence, web designers and web developers have a pile of various web tools to use for designing a website and boost up their creativity.

Trending Tools for Web Designers in July 2021
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