Top 10 Google SEO Ranking Factors in 2021

Top 10 Google SEO Ranking Factors in 2021

In the last decade, you might remember a story of a boy who wrote a letter to god and asks for money. When the post office got this letter, they all decided to collect money for this boy. And sent him a letter with money, but on the other hand, when that boy got money he counted it less as he mentioned his letter to god. Then he was again sent a complaint letter to god for post office staff kept some money from sent by god. But now in the current era, we cannot do the same. Because you have not written a direct letter to Google and ask for help. You have to do work hard on your start-up idea to achieve your goals, and stay up to date about changes made by Google. And start regularly learning about the latest changes in SEO plan to get more profit. To provide you some helping tools, we have assembled a list with a proper explanation of the top 10 Google SEO ranking factors in 2021.

Keywords in URL

If you suddenly spilled, yours most favorite drink on your Smartphone and your phone stop working properly after this accident. Now this time you got a chance to purchase a new mobile phone with the latest and amazing features. At that time you first compare all the models of latest phone are launched in the market and then you choose one of them which you like most. In the same way, the dimensions and main point of your URL help your website users to select it or not. This is an example of a URL.…../Google-Seo-ranking-factores-2021/

The users of the website may be attracted by the given topic or maybe the given topic is of user’s choice and users click on it quickly to know more about it. The keyword used by you in your URL takes users to your website directly and this is a user-friendly URL and users can also share it. And confirm that the rest of the URL is not the same as this. 

Now question is that how it affects or improves our ranking. Firstly, Google needs to improve the user experience and you can do this only by adding the keyword in your URL.

Keywords in the Title Tag

It is an HTML product for a developer; however, for you and Google it is an important factor for ranking. For a website user, it is just an idea to provide them a clue about the webpage. So, by adding the important keywords in the title, here you provide information to both Google and the user about the content of the webpage. Google, Bing and so many other platforms of search engines will look at the title tag to discover web pages that match with user requirements. If you are concluding the keyword in the title tag and the same as a user search for, the search engine will confidently index and rank your page. And text between all these keywords also appears in the SERPs.

ALT text keywords

Why you add a bunch of thousand words when a single image worth you same as thousand-word text. And the bot drags just in between the tags as it cannot watch the images. So, you should need to tell the search engine what you want to explain with the help of your image. This is the only work of alt text in search engines. You can show it on Google ranking by concluding the keyword in a meaningful alt text.

Keyword Stemming

This is one of the most effective tools of Google SEO ranking factors in 2021, and you need to focus on it more. Keyword stemming is completed to provide more new words and phrases from just a single word known as the root word. Now it is significant to recognize the right root keyword. We can add any keyword of our choice without any restriction because the complete SEO strategy is based on correct keywords. A keyword just acts as a way between your website and the audience you are looking for. Some suffixes and prefixes were also added in keywords to create the latest trending keywords. The same idea is used to find the root keyword by replacing suffixes and prefixes.

Internal Anchor Text links

If you start making some latest changes in internal linking them it will improve the ranking of your website. And, these things may be good or bad for you, if you are updating anchor text of internal links, then it will offer a good understanding of the context of the web page to the search engine. If the changes made by you in the anchor text help you to increase the ranking of your page with user experience and understanding.


HTTPS is the significance of a secure website, otherwise, the browser alert you about the website is not secure. If any website has proper certification, it will help in improving the ranking of that website. Purchasing an SSL certification indeed costs too high, but on other hand, it will help you a lot also related to SEO. HTTPS is just a stamp on the website that it is secure about sending and receiving information and data is secure.

Outbound Link Quality 

This also equally matters in the ranking of your website as other factors. Relevancy of your website is also the most important factor; if it is real this will improve the rank of your website. Outbound linking will increase relevance, improve reputation, boost value, and backlinks. We have some point to say:

  • Look for natural outbound linking opportunities.
  • Make use of tools for finding the related links.
  • Avoid using backlink networks.
  • Avoid too many links.
  • Make sure links are opening in new tabs.
  • Be strict with user-generated links.
  • Mobile-friendliness.

Page Speed

It is also played the most crucial role in Google SEO ranking factors. It has been implementing for the last ten years, and it is not only working on desktop searches but also effective in mobile searches. If you are wasting the time of your users with slow webpage services, then Google will suffer your ranking, and Google does not like such type of activities. If you want to improve the ranking of your website then you must need to work on your webpage speed.

Top 10 Google SEO Ranking Factors in 2021
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