How to Get More Subscribers for Your Blog?

A robust business blog is now the need of the hour for many business organizations. Having a business website with robust architecture may get your website short-term customer engagement. Build a network around a well-structured business blog. It will boost your on-site conversion rate. An opt-in option for your site visitors to subscribe to your […]

OTT React Native App Development – Pros and Cons

When a company creates a mobile application for either android or iOS app stores, they frequently face the situation where they have to develop the mobile application for various platforms. Basically, it means aiming at both – android and iOS platforms. Unlike earlier, when developers created a mobile application for a single platform, cross-platform has […]

Impact of HTTP Status Codes on SEO

Google has come up with a new document explaining the impact of HTTP status codes on Search engine optimization (SEO). Before digging into the analysis of the impact, let us have a look at the meaning of “HTTP status codes”. What is HTTP? HTTP stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol that allows the exchange of all […]

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