Top Hidden Facebook Marketing Tools that will Increase Your Engagement

Top Hidden Facebook Marketing Tools that will Increase Your Engagement

Getting higher engagement on Facebook is much easier and valuable than you might have had imagined. It takes a huge investment just to get likes or follows on your business’s Facebook page, although you do get a chance to experience the ultimate success but on the other hand, you waste tons of money. Most of the time, you get in a situation where you do get a huge audience but comparatively less engagement.

Instead of spending unnecessary money on running Facebook ads and campaigns, you must know about tools within the Facebook application, extensions as well as insights to run your Facebook ad 80percent more effectively. You can also say that Facebook marketing is a synonym of the iceberg where people only see what’s on top – Facebook ads and Facebook campaigns. Marketers spend their whole time in optimizing Facebook ads and campaigns whereas there are other tools to help you run your Facebook ads productively.

 Tool 1 – Facebook Messenger Marketing

We all use Facebook messenger but who would have thought of it as a marketing tool, probably no one. This has become the prime reason of why marketers are not able to make the best use of this tool especially when it is the most effective and best opportunity in the digital marketing world.

But, what does it mean for you as a business owner? It is pretty simple; you can have the first mover advantage i.e., get a chance to showcase your brand first in the market.

How does this tool work? Again, the answer is very simple; all you need to do is just send the messages to your target audience on their Facebook messenger.

What makes this tool outstand other marketing methods for example –email marketing? The answer is end results –

  • Facebook messenger messages provide an open rate of up to 80 percent.
  • Facebook messenger messages provide a click through rate of up to 20 percent, especially at the time of using chat blasting.
  • Facebook messenger messages provide a conversion rate up to 5 times higher than what Facebook desktop ads provide.
  • Facebook messenger messages provide marketing costs up to 50 times less than what Facebook ads and campaigns provide.

Therefore, Facebook messenger messages are so far the best marketing tool and at top of that, it is absolutely free.

Facebook Messenger Marketing

Tool 2 – Comment Guard or Private Reply via Messenger

To begin with, the benefits of the second tool, let us understand its meaning – a comment guard is one of the Facebook messenger marketing features that gives you an option to add new contacts in your already existing contacts when someone comments on your Facebook post.

How does this tool work?

  • First, you upload your picture or a video on your Facebook.
  • Second, people start liking and commenting on it.
  • Third, those who comment on your Facebook post will directly get a private message from you on their messenger.
  • Fourth, when the person starts the interaction then he or she is added to your list of contacts.

When you upload a picture or video that has the potential of yielding the highest engagement rate for example – a meme, a question, a poll, a contest, a quiz, and so on the comments on such posts are not simply comments but, leads.

Comment Guard or Private Reply via Messenger

Tool 3 – Click to Messenger Ads

Tool number 3, click to messenger ad is similar to a regular Facebook ad but with some added spice. Rather than providing a link to the landing page to your target audience, you direct them to a Facebook messenger bot sequence. Once the customer begins using the Facebook sequence, they become a lead. For example, you can ask questions from your target audience with the help of the chatbot and send them offers depending upon their responses. It is pretty hard and impractical for anyone to respond to thousands of messages at a time. Therefore, you can direct messages coming from the customers to a chatbot that can ask potential questions and interact with customers at a huge scale.

Click to Messenger Ads

Tool 4 –Chat Blaster

Chat blasting is yet another powerful and effective marketing tool that allows you to get your messages in front of the whole list of Facebook messenger in few seconds. This tool can help you schedule chat blasts, sending messages in bulk, build engaging messenger sequences, special offers, and everything else that helps you in effective marketing. One of the features of a chat blaster includes segmenting audiences. There are countless people available on Facebook out of which thousands will list in your contacts. With the help of, Chat Blaster you can narrow down the contacts to the target audience and engage with only the potential ones.

Chat Blaster

Tool 5 – Warm Engaged Invites

One of the popular tools of Facebook marketing is to send personal invites to people to join your Facebook page. People who engage with your posts and videos can be directly sent an invite to engage with your Facebook page. To know which photo or video on your Facebook page has the highest engagement rate, you can visit your Facebook business page on your desktop. You will get a list of people who engaged with your post and it will become easier for you to send them personal invites to like your page. The reason that makes this tool effective and valuable is that you get to target the engaged people.

Warm Engaged Invites

Tool 6 – Send Personal Invites in Messenger

The next most effective strategy is to send personal invites to your friends and family along with texting them personally in messenger to like your Facebook page. How does this tool work?

  • First, go to your Facebook Page preferably on the desktop.
  • Second, click on the ‘Community” button.
  • Third, click on the option ‘Invite Friends to Like Your Page’.

Following the aforesaid steps, you can invite your friends personally to engage with your Facebook page.

Send Personal Invites in Messenger

Tool 7 – View Competitor’s Ads and Campaigns

No one would have thought of viewing their competitors’ ads and how they run them. To your surprise, you can do it, right on Facebook. But, how this tool works? Let us take an example, imagine your competitor is Mr. X and you want to view his ads and how he runs them. First, find the Facebook page of your competitor then look for the italic “i” button and click on it. You can find it either on the right side of the page or under the ‘Details’ tab. Here you can gain insights on how many times the page’s name was changed, the location of the page’s admins, etc. Next, go to “Ad Library” to see the on-going ads and ads that were run previously. You can see what kind of ad copy the competitor has used along with the graphics. Are they same in every ad or do they change every time? Accordingly, you can make your own marketing strategies to run ads on your Facebook page.

As a business owner, you would never have thought of these amazingly simple and easy marketing tools available on Facebook. However, now you are aware of these hidden tools and must use them to run effective Facebook ads on your business page. You can be assured of having a higher engagement rate without even spending tons of money to get likes or follows.

Top Hidden Facebook Marketing Tools that will Increase Your Engagement
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