How to Launch Mobile App: 8 Pre-Launch Steps

When you are in the process of launching your app, your focus should be on marketing and planning the app. Marketing and planning are the essential parts of the app for its ultimate success.

Launch a Dedicated Website

Every app must have a website, so does your app. To be clear, there is a difference between a web browser and a website. So, develop a full-fledged website or a landing page for your app that will help people to have a brief view of the app and direct them towards your app. Make sure, the website you will create is neat, appealing to the eyes, and concisely shows the people what the app is all and what are its key features.

Create a section, a form kind of for people like ‘enter your email to get the updates so that they get all the updates related to the app such as when the app is going to launch. Through this, you can benefit yourself by attracting people to download the app and develop a potential customer base. Also, keep your focus on attracting people to your app’s website through all kinds of marketing from social media to pre-launch feedbacks, ads, and press releases so that they can subscribe to the newsletter for the updates of the app launch.

Following is the list of important things to be kept in mind while creating the website so you don’t miss out on anything:

  • Focus on creating a unique logo and catchy slogan for the app.
  • Give a piece of brief information about the app.
  • Provide links to all your social media accounts.
  • Provide a section or a form for people to get updates about the app launch.
  • Provide information on key features or advanced features of your app along with a demo.
  • Add a premiere or demo video of the app if it is possible.
  • You can also provide sample photos of features that you have not mentioned anywhere else on the website.
  • Add feedback from the media about the app or design a section of reviews and ratings.
  • At last, make sure to add a form of ‘contact us.’

After Launch Affects

Once the app is launched, you will have to make some changes to the website such as:

  • Add feedbacks given by the most reliable media.
  • Add the direct links to download the app on all the platforms such as android and iOS.
  • Change the section of the sign-up to get updates for the app’s launch to sign up to get updates about the app such as new features.

Get Publicity

To get attention to your app or to get it reviewed, you will require the media’s help or publish a press release. By adding these links to your website will help you attract a tremendous amount of people that will form a potential customer base. However, this is not enough, to reach out to the greater audience, you will have to shake hands with journalists and writers to talk about your app with a link through which the people will come to know about all the information of your app. Keep the updates about them to ensure they respond on time and if they show an interest, provide them an error-free version of your app to try out. Along with journalists and other publishers, social media is also a great way to create excitement about the app.

Press Kit

You can create a set of promotional materials for the media to get more press attention. Remember, that it gives information about key features and the main sections of your app. This will help the promoters such as media, influencers, and bloggers to easily promote the app and draw the attention of the people to the core of your app. However, it is important to know what all things are must be added in the press kit. Look at the list below:

  • Logo and icon of the app.
  • Description of the app.
  • Demo video or pictures.
  • Direct links to the website and social media accounts.
  • Contact details.

Use beta testers

It is advisable to provide a beta version of your app to a beta tester group. Such groups are provided superior access to the app before everyone else. This is done to check if there are any errors or faults in the app so that they can be fixed before the app launch. The beta tester group also gives a detailed review of the app. Their feedback can be beneficial for your app. You can make use of a platform like TestFlight to create a beta version.

App-launch Email Blast

Differentiating the entire app development process might sound easy but it can affect your app launch. However, providing discounts and offers before the app launch can increase downloads. Following are few key things to follow while forming an email to send to people to avail the offers:

  • Keep the subject and greeting of the email to the point and friendly.
  • Frame a value proposition.
  • Provide a CTA in the email.
  • Add high-quality images and demo videos of the app.

App Store Optimization (ASO)

To make your app visible to the people who are not directly searching for your app, it is important to use app store optimization. However, to launch ASO, you will have to research your competitors and market trends to know the keywords and designs that can bring more audience. Important elements that make a good ASO are as follows:

  • Name of the app with keywords.
  • Description with the lines that sell.
  • Hidden keywords are used by the app store and not the public.
  • Unique and catchy app icon.
  • Pictures or videos of key features with a brief description.

Set up Analytic Tools

Analytical tools will help you to know what all things need to be changed or improve after the app is launched and used by people. Therefore, app analytics by apple, flurry, etc. is the best app analytics tool.

Choose an App Launch Date

A date can make a huge difference in getting downloads from 100 to 1000. So, select a date on which you have no other planned events. Based on the categories, there are different days to launch the app like during the mid of the week or at the weekend. Weekends are believed to be the most engaging time. However, before you select a date to launch your app, make sure you get approval from the App Store.

Plan a Launch Party

In the chaos of launching the app, do not forget to host a party. It doesn’t have to be a big event but in whatever form you are hosting it, make sure it is successful. Select the date and time carefully. Also, it is not essential that the party has to be offline, it can be online as a webinar also. Invite promoters like bloggers, press media, etc. to make the event more interesting.

You will successfully launch your app if you keep these useful tips in mind during the marketing and planning of the launch.

How to Launch Mobile App: 8 Pre-Launch Steps
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